Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club, Warner Robins, Houston County
Webmaster: Luis Morales, KK4ZFT
Is the Link Active? Click Here to see. Need more info about Echolink or  assistance getting set up? Go to  http://www.echolink.org/ Need help getting your router  set up for Port Forwarding?    Go to www.portforward.com
EchoLink® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming-audio t echnology.  The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities.  There are more than 200,000 validated users worldwide — in 151 of the world's 193 nations — with about 5,200 online at any given time.  The KJ4QFF-R Echolink node is located at the QTH of KJ4QFF and links to the WA4ORT repeater in Warner Robins. Email the Echolink Node Manager