Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club, Warner Robins, Houston County
Webmaster: Luis Morales, KK4ZFT
2017 Club Officers
President Vice-President Secretary/Treasurer  John Louth/WB4EEL Brett Bundrick - WD4BRB Robert Tuck - AB4RT        Past-President Board Member Board Member Preston Morgan - WR4PM William Lively -  KK4PYU Leon Tompkins, WR4MT
ARES Gene Willis - KJ4QFF SKYWARN Gene Willis - KJ4QFF  Echolink Node Manager Robert Tuck - AB4RT Equipment Manager Robert Tuck - AB4RT   ARRL Testing Robert Tuck - AB4RT   WA4ORT Callsign Trustee Brett Bundrick - WD4BRB WA4ORT SERA Trustee Brett Bundrick - WD4BRB   Webmaster Luis Morales - KK4ZFT
Hospital Support Don Smith - KJ4PEI Yahoo Group Owner Dave Stewart - KN4DS Repeater Maintenance Robert Tuck - AB4RT   Control Operator 146.850 Robert Tuck - AB4RT   Control Operator 145.110 Robert Tuck - AB4RT   Interference Bill Atkins - WR4BA Interference John Louth/WB4EEL Interference
CGARC Committee Members*
* Committee chairs are not elected and are not considered
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