Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club, Warner Robins, Houston County
Webmaster: Luis Morales, KK4ZFT
CGARC's flagship WA4ORT repeater operates on 146.850 MHz and is located just off Dunbar Road in Warner Robins on the Houston County Water Tower.  It consists of a Motorola MSR-2000 and a Computer Automation Technology CAT-1000 Repeater Controller.  Power output is 50 Watts fed to a DB-224E antenna 125' AGL.  The repeater is open to all users regardless of CGARC membership.  The repeater requires no PL.     DTMF Functions Available to All Users Time of Day 400# Signal Report Test 725*, then unkey and follow prompt DTMF Keypad Test 475 & enter your DTMF tones without unkeying Warner Robins to PSI - Link Up C0C1 Warner Robins to PSI - Link Down C0C0   The normal operating state of the 146.850 repeater is unlinked. Any user may link the repeater may be linked to the Peach State Intertie by using the DTMF command C0C1. We ask that all users return the repeater to its normal operating state by dropping the link using the DTMF command C0C0 when you are finished.  All Users are welcome to utilize the link codes as desired, but we ask that whenever you finish using the desired link, you reestablish the link to the Intertie and drop the link on the 146.850 side by using the codes above. The repeater operates in several modes. Please become familiar with the following:   Repeater Mode vs. Courtesy Tone Courtesy Tone Repeater Mode 2-Tone: Increasing 800 - 1000 Hz  Normal - No Links Active 2-Tone: Increasing 1000 - 1200 Hz Linked to PSI - User on 146.850 Morse 'L'  Linked to PSI - User on PSI Morse 'W'  Weather Mode (Triggered by WX-200) Morse 'N'  Net Mode Chime  Automatic Weather Radio Disabled Morse 'P'  Backup Power - Please Miminize Use The repeater is interfaced with a Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2100 and a CATAUTO WX-200 Weather Receiver. Weather data from the Ultimeter 2100 is available via the Internet (see the APRS/WX page for more info) as well as on the repeater. The WX-200 weather receiver allows users to listen to NOAA Weather Radio via the repeater at any time. When NOAA issues a weather watch or warning, the statement is retransmitted via the repeater, providing instant notification to spotters and other listeners. During a NOAA weather event, the ID tone on the repeater will be changed and the WX- 200 will broadcast periodic (5-minute interval) notification that a weather alert is active. Once the event expires, the repeater will automatically revert to normal operating mode. Receiver audio is mixed with audio from the WX-200, giving spotters the ability to talk over the weather receiver audio. The table below summarizes commands for accessing data from the Ultimeter 2100 Weather Station and WX-200.  Please use these features (especially the WX-200) sparingly. Peet Brother WX Station Commands WX-200 WX Receiver Commands Temperature & Wind Speed: 411# Manual Weather RX On (Monitor): 9961 Daily Hi/Lo Temperature: 412# Manual Weather RX Off: 9960 Daily Rainfall Totals: 413# Automatic Weather RX On (Standby): 9911 Complete Weather Report: 414# Automatic Weather RX Off (Disable): 9910 Indoor Temperature: 415#   The WX-200 manual weather receiver is set to turn off every two minutes. This prevents damage to the repeater caused by users bringing up the receiver and locking the repeater in transmit mode. Note that this does NOT guarantee that a user will receive a full 2-minutes of weather broadcast, since the timer fires every 2 minutes as opposed to 2-minutes from the time the receiver is activated. If the receiver times out prior to hearing the information you need, simply reenter the access code.  Email the Repeater Manager