Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club, Warner Robins, Houston County
Webmaster: Luis Morales, KK4ZFT
The repeaters are located at the Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins, GA. 146.670 went on-the-air on 22 August 2011. 443.150 went live on 9 December 2011. They consist of a modified Motorola MSR-2000 for 2-meters, a highly modified Motorola MICOR Mobile for 440 MHz, and a Motorola MAXTRAC for the link to the Peach State Intertie. The transmitters produce 50 watts on 2-meters and 440 MHz and 15 watts for the link. The repeater antenna is a Diamond X510HDN mounted on the roof of the Houston Medical Center. The controller is an ARCOM RC-210. The 146.670 and 443.150 repeaters are linked full-time. The system automatically links to the the Peach State Intertie for various nets.   DTMF Functions Available to All Users Time of Day 400# Signal Report Test 725*, then unkey.  Controller will respond 'READY'. Transmit test message. DTMF Keypad Test 475 & enter DTMF tones without unkeying   The system automatically links Port 1 (146.670 MHz) to the Peach State Intertie on Monday at 1955 and Tuesday at 1855. The link remains active until 2200, when the system automatically disconnects the link. Whenever Port 1 (146.670 MHz) is linked to the Peach State Intertie, Port 2 (443.150 MHz) is disabled. The link between Port 1 and Port 2 is reestablished when the link to the Peach State Intertie is disconnected. Users may utilize the linking commands below to configure the system as desired. When finished with the links, please reestablish the link between Port 1 and Port 2 using the *121 command. Repeater Linking Commands Function Command Note Link Port 1 to Port 2: *121 2 M Linked to 70 CM - Normal Operating Mode Unlink Port 1 from Port 2: *120 All Ports Unlinked Link Port 1 to Port 3: *131 2 M Linked to Intertie Unlink Port 1 from Port 3: *130 Unlinks Intertie and Relinks 2 M to 70 CM Email the Repeater Manager